Top 7 Motocross Tracks in New Zealand

Top 7 Motocross Tracks in New Zealand

Posted by Arthur Iverson on 1st Nov 2023

Top 7 Motocross Tracks in New Zealand: A Rider's Paradise

In New Zealand, motocross enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with an array of tracks that cater to different skill levels. Here at ProNorthParts, we're passionate about the motocross culture and excited to share our updated list of the top 7 motocross tracks in New Zealand.

1. The Sandpit Motorcycle Park, Auckland

This track is a motocross wonderland, featuring expansive sandy dunes and captivating forest trails. It's an ideal spot for riders of all levels seeking a blend of challenge and adventure. For the latest details, a quick online search is recommended.

2. Taupo Motocross Track, Taupo

Renowned for its impeccable maintenance and hosting national events, this track offers diverse terrains catering to various skill levels. The track's mix of technical sections and open stretches provides a comprehensive motocross experience.

3. Patetonga MX Track, Waikato

A favorite among experienced riders, Patetonga boasts a challenging layout with a mix of jumps, berms, and fast straights. Its high-quality soil and technical features make it a thrilling venue for honing motocross skills.

4. Backflips Dirt Farm, Timaru

This track is a hotspot for professional riders and enthusiasts alike. Known for its big jumps and technical sections, Backflips Dirt Farm offers an exhilarating experience that challenges even the most seasoned riders.

5. Flipps MX Track, Hawke's Bay

Flipps MX Track is a haven for technical riding, featuring a blend of natural and man-made obstacles. Its challenging layout is perfect for riders seeking to test their skills in a diverse setting.

6. Harrisville Motocross Track, Auckland

A popular choice for local and national riders, Harrisville's mix of sandy and loamy soil makes it an excellent track for improving cornering and jumping skills. The track's layout caters to a wide range of skill levels.

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7. South Waikato Motorcycle Club, Tokoroa

Known for its all-weather riding capability, this track offers a mix of technical and high-speed sections, appealing to a broad spectrum of motocross enthusiasts.

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Why Visit These Tracks?

Each track in this list offers unique experiences and challenges. They are not just venues for riding; they're communities where passion for motocross thrives.

Prepare with ProNorthParts

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